Fisherman Log: Forbes Fishing

Fisherman Log: Forbes Fishing

May 25th - May 28th 

Find us among the giant spruce trees and lazy shores of Flotten Lake in the heart of Meadow Lake Provincial Park. The Biterite crew has teamed up with the hunting crew from Rocky Ridge Outdoors TV taking in the breathtaking views at Flotten Lake Adventures Resort. We fished Jeannette Lake and Keeley Lake, catching a ton of fish over the three day excursion using the Biterite Montana Rigs. If you want a closer look at what we caught tune in to Rocky Ridge Outdoors TV they will be airing an episode next year.



May 29th - June 3rd 

After a weekend of fun and laughs we were ready to slay the walleye at the Turtle Lake Walleye Slayer tournament. We pre fished for 4 days mapping out the honey holes and making a game plan for the tournament. The main objective during the advanced prefish is to learn where everything is. I want to know the "personality" of the lake. That is where the different types of structure are, noting changes in water color, depths, and basic stuff. The first day of the tournament did not go as smoothly as hoped, we did not catch very many fish. However, the second day was FINTASTIC we caught the biggest fish of the day coming in at 74cm. 


June 16th - June 18th 

After taking a couple weeks off it was time to hit the Cold Lake Trout tournament. Our go to trout set up is T.C MOTTO Hyperglow tube in the colors Cisco 4” and the Green Ling 3.50”. The Powerbait Champ Swimmer in HD BlueBack Herring is another amazing go to for lakers. Our most used set up is a Whizkers Grappler Jig Super Glow in orange paired with a chunk of sucker belly  This tournament was two days long and was scored on 3 trout total length. Our three fish total came to 214cm, with our biggest fish at 72.5cm putting us in 59th place out of 214 entries. 

August 18th - August 19th 

Gearing up for the Waterhen Walleye Slam we started our pre fish as usual. We had an amazing pre fish bringing in a 64cm walleye, this lake has above average sized walleyes. The bite was hot up there. We were as ready as we could be to start the tournament tomorrow. After an amazing walleye supper battered in Buddies beer batter. It was time for the Waterhen Walleye Slam, a 1 day fishing tournament. This tournament was scored on 5 walleye total length. We caught some great walleye during the tournament, we just couldn’t find the kicker when we needed it. Our total at the end of the tournament was 312cm landing us in 6th place overall. 

September 8th - September 9th 

Last Mountain Lake Full Walleye Classic - The last tournament for the Saskatchewan walleye trail. There were 165 anglers at this 2 day Walleye Tournament with a pay out exceeding $119,000.00 to the fisherman! This tournament consisted of a 5 fish total per day -  3 under 21 ½ inches and 2 over 21 ½ inches. Day 1 was rough, our start time was delayed due to the insane amount of fog instantly killing our morning spots we had prepared during our three day prefish. We scrambled to some other spots we had programmed into our hummingbird Helix 7 during our pre fish, however, we just couldn’t find the fish fast enough. Leaving us in a difficult place to come back from.  Day 2 of the tournament we finally got on there, we got to our morning spots and lucky enough we jumped 54 places leaving us in 25th place. We will definitely be back next year.

September 30th - October 1st

It was time to face the Vanity Cup in Tobin Lake SK for their 30 year anniversary. I have not fished this lake in 8 years and I was prepared to fish the lake again this year. When fishing Tobin Lake during a tournament you are jam packed onto the lake with over 100 boats is insane. It was not a tough bite there but we were catching 50 -70 fish ranging from 6-10 inches long a day. The trick is to weed through numbers to get bigger ones. We boated close to 300 fish in 5 days including our pre fish. This sure was an amazing experience finishing in the middle of a 150 boat field. The amount of tips and tricks I learned while fishing this tournament was insane, we will definitely be hitting this tournament again next year. 

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