The Fire Nock outsert  is 35 grains and only available for the Micro Ventilator LT in a 300 and 350 spine. The Fire nock outsert is made of forged steel.  Outsert installation instructions: Dry fit outsert after shaft has been cut to the proper length. Sand the end of the shaft with a fine grit sand paper if needed. Sanding will also help the outsert bond to shaft better. Do not sand the shaft to much you want the outsert to fit snug. Wipe the shaft with a clean rag or paper towel. No cleaner is needed. Once you have the outsert dry fitted spin test to make sure there is no wobble. IF there is a wobble turn the outsert on the shaft until it goes away. Mark the outsert and the shaft with a sharpie. Apply the glue evenly around the shaft. Spin the outsert slowly as you slide it onto the shaft. This will help to ensure the glue covers the entire shaft and inside the grooves of the outsert. Don’t forget to line up the sharpie marks. Bohning Blazer bond cure time is 2 hours. Insert Iron is 48. Do not shoot your arrows until the proper cure time has elapsed. If using Bohning Blazer bond the clamp time is only 20 seconds so you got to be quick.  Insert Iron gives you more time to adjust the outsert .

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