Mounting Hardware is Included This mount fits the following magnum actions:.300 RUM.300 PRC.375 H&HBefore purchasing, please measure your inside hole spacing to confirm whether our mount will work for your application.Older model X-Bolts had front screw holes that were threaded to the top of the receiver. Newer models now have a deeper countersink. This countersink prevents the mounting screws from engaging multiple threads and can cause the holes to strip out in the receiver. We have changed the depth of the countersink on mounts made after January 2021. The date code can be found on the bottom of the mount. If the last 2 digits are 21 or higher, your mount has the deeper countersink. Older mounts may require longer front screws. We recommend test fitting the screws before Luxating to check for proper engagement. If the screws only engage with one thread, please contact us and we will provide longer screws (.335” OAL). If the screws bottom out before tightening the mount, we recommend removing a bit of material from the screw. The front screws can be torqued to 10 in/lbs.

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