Genuine Wildlife Research Center Scent Killer Autumn Formula Dryer Sheet add the subtle scent of the forest floor. They help prevent static build-up from attracting lint and hair that may contain odor. It also softens hunting clothes to help keep them quiet. When using your dryer remember interquels best to be conditioned as well before using it to dry your hunting clothes. First, clean the lint trap of all lint. Next, dry a load of everyday clothes that have been washed in Scent Killer Clothing Wash or Laundry Detergent. This will get the dryer ready for your hunting clothes. Be sure not to used scented dryer sheets commonly used in the dryer while doing this. After removing the load, clean the lint trap one last time. The dryer is now ready. After washing your hunting clothes, we recommend treating them with Scent Killer Spray, fully drying them, and storing them in an air tight bag or storage container until your next hunt. 

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