Calling game has been around virtually as long as man. Surely it started with man using his own voice to mimic the sounds of animals. Eventually, he developed tools to aid in this effort. These tools have evolved into the calls we use today. Single chamber calls are not as realistic and lack dimension. Game calls available today all project sound through a single sound chamber. The problem with this is that the sound they produce lacks "dimension". It's like mono sound compared with stereo sound and it's simply not as realistic. Animals project sound through two chambers and so should your call. Animal vocalisation (including human) begins with initial air pressure from the lungs which is projected in the form of an air pressure wave. This wave is "filtered" or spectrally shaped along the way in the vocal tract via the contraction of muscles. The vocal tract splits in two, forming the nasal cavity (nose/nostrils) and oral cavity (throat/mouth). While the oral cavity does far more sound articulating than the nasal cavity, the nasal cavity is vital for adding resonance. Take the "plug-your-nose test" to hear the difference. To hear for yourself the quality difference between single chamber and dual chamber sound, simply plug your nose and talk. Your single chamber voice sounds completely different. Now imagine what single chamber calls sound like to the animal. With single chamber calls you'll sound like you're calling with a cold. Only DUEL Game Calls make dual chamber sound! DUEL Game Calls project sound through two chambers, just like a real animal. This patented Dual Chamber Technology results in a fuller, more dynamic sound because it's anatomically more accurate and vocally more realistic. And to the animal, a more realistic sound is more convincing! Nothing fools an animal better than an emotional call. You just can't get emotion with an electronic call. That's why veteran predator callers use hand calls. And nothing sounds as real as a DUEL Predator Call with Dual Chamber Technology. Convince more predators with a DUEL! Projects sound through two separate cavities for more realistic, convincing calling. One cavity produces throat or mouth sound, second cavity emits a nose sound. DUEL's Dual Chamber Technology project sound through two separate chambers. This emulates the oral and nasal cavities through which sound is projected by real animals.

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