•Don't just jig your lure - Make it swim! The innovative design of the gliders changes the unnatural up and down jigging motion into a life-like swimming action that fish can't resist! •Gliders are made from clear polycarbonate (bullet proof glass), so not only are they practically invisible under water, they are also virtually indestructible. •Gliders attached to a soft plastic bait/jig head lure, will cause the lure to travel forward during the "up" motion when jigging. The glider also causes the lure to travel forward on the fall, or the "down" jigging motion. Gliders also keep a lure in a more natural horizontal position at all times, and these features combined make the lure look like real bait to fish! •A great addition when jigging scented baits and power baits. The design of the glider also helps to secure the soft plastic bait to the jig head.  Universal fit works with wide variety of soft plastic bait/jig head combinations. •Catch-On Gliders are sold in packages of 3.

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