FEATURES: Waterproof and Breathable Outer Shell Multiple Air Vents (4) Leg Zips 4-X Scent Containment™ Reinforced Knees And Cuffs Durable Three Layer Waterproof Breathable Membrane PRODUCT DESCRIPTION We have logged a lot of miles in our day, chasing all manner of game, and there are few things more uncomfortable than sweating in a pair of hunting pants. They bind, they sag, they grab and they pull, never feeling quite the same- even after drying. This is why we love The Badlands Intake Pant so much. The Intake Pant helps control perspiration with four vents that allow air flow, which in turn regulates your core temperature and guarantees you stay comfortable, dry and warm for your next hunt. Dupont® Teflon DWR® Water Repellent Weight: 2 lbs 4 oz Pockets: 2 Waterproof and Breathable Outer Shell

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