SPIN WALKER  Walk the dog style baits have been calling us for an upgrade for a long time, and now we’ve answered. We’ve added a bottom positioned prop and clacker that give off a beguiling sputter whether twitched side to side or retrieved directly. SHADOW SPIN When you take the ultimate application of finesse techniques, develop and refine them into one package, this is exactly what comes out. It’s all business in the front with a custom machined aluminum prop, and a downright party in the back with the subtle wedge-tailed paddle that shreds a whole new riff in the spy game. MAGIC MAN Flawless is every aspect, the Magic Man can be either burned or crawled. The nose down stance and tight action protect it from snagging anything other than fish. When paused or killed, it shimmies without spinning or tumbling which produces frequent strikes. The tapered tail increases hook up success and the Mustad KVD Triple Grip trebles keep fish buttoned up after the attack or strike. MOTORBOAT Redesigning the way you fish heavy cover; the Motor Boat combines the action of buzz style lures with the ability to fish through anything. A soft plastic body is embedded with a heavy gauge hook. The Evolve custom design blade has an internal swivel that hides it from slime that fowls up traditional blades. Connected with tough nylon thread that won’t be cut, the Motor Boat style fishing system has arrived.

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Regular price $10.99



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