Ice Fishing March Madness

Ice Fishing March Madness

When it comes to ice fishing, there is no better time than March. For the most popular game fish in Saskatchewan, it’s Pre-Spawn season. So after a long dreary January and February, March brings longer, warmer days. The sun is higher in the sky, and the snow starts to melt, so light penetration through the ice increases. 


These are all helpful signs for the fish to start their journey to the spawning beds. Throughout this blog, we will suggest some helpful fishing equipment in an effort to aid you in shopping the best when visiting an online fishing gear store in preparation for your adventure. 


Location Is Key


So let’s talk a bit about locating Walleye. Walleyes love moving water to spawn in. So if your lake has a river or a decent creek, these will be a hotspot to target. As March days count down, the closer the Walleye will travel to the spawning bed. Key spots to focus on are funnel points in the underwater structure. 


Examples are underwater channels and narrows - where 2 points on the lake opposite to you are close together, creating a narrow spot on the lake point. These both create great funnels, and the fish will have to travel through them to get to their destination. Another good spot is the shorelines. Walleyes will travel the shallow shorelines as well. The first light and last light of the day are the best times to target Walleye in shallow water. Let’s just say you’re never too shallow to find these Pre-Spawn Walleye. 


As long as the fish can physically fit between the ice and the bottom they will travel there. I like to target 3-5 feet below the ice. 


As March goes on, the fish will start stacking up together, so if you’re lucky enough to find where they are stacked up, you are going to have a great time. Biting will be all day long, so be ready for sore hands. Cuts from your line and the razor-sharp gill plates will do some damage. If you want to protect your hands, grab a pair or two of our Berkley Coated Fishing Gloves. 


Electronic Ice Fishing Gear

Electronics have come a long way and can provide you with a great advantage in catching fish. Just a simple sonar unit can add so much to your arsenal to catch fish. Just knowing there is something down there can help you select the right lure or cadence for your jigging. 


Then you can go all out with the live-action units where you can see the fish swim towards your fishing hook. These are sweet, but a disadvantage is that they are very bulky and heavy to move around and are not designed for hole hopping.We like the midrange units such as the Humminbird Helix 7. Versatility is key with this unit, from being in the boat to on the ice. It has the option to create a map of the lake, so in the winter, you can go to exactly the depth you want. 


Fish cameras are also great. They can help you study fish behavior. However, we have seen cameras scare the fish away or stop the bite. If this happens, raise your camera and point it down. This gets it out of their line of sight. 


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